Psychological Topographies: Temporal Fingerprints

Project information

  • Category: Traditional
  • Project date: 2011

Sometimes the memory of seemingly insignificant events stays with us even though the original occurrence might have been banal or forgettable. In this short series I attempt to visually portray some of these incidents. The drawings are small and require the viewer to investigate them at close range. Although the patterns forming the compositions are similar, the titles are distinct. I do not want to give too much away regarding the events surrounding these drawings, but instead, I prefer that the viewer come up with their own narrative or empathetic thread. "I waved back but then I realized she was waving at someone else.","They don't bend that way.","Now that is a teal car!","A crinkle-cut fry is not a lethal weapon.","When I die I hope our souls find each other.","You might sell more socks if you stop making fun of other people."