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We Just Don't Love Each Other Any More: Hindsight Is 20/20

Although memory of past events is often unreliable, clarity regarding a given situation is usually strengthened with time. In this piece, I use the landform of a glacial moraine as a metaphor for the psychological scarring that can occur in life. As a glacier creates a moraine it digs into the Earth and leaves displaced sediment as a remnant of its presence, even long after the ice has melted away. Traumatic and life altering events act on our psyches in much the same way.

In this interactive work, the viewer can navigate a virtual glacial landscape in order to move closer to a moraine and, simultaneously, the past. The viewer sits in a larger-than-life school desk and manipulates a controller located on the table top. As the viewer nears the virtual moraine, a pool, which the game is projected into and reflected onto the wall from, distorts the image with waves. The waves are created by micro controlled paddles, which are affixed to the pool. The waves are incrementally produced and based on the vicinity of the viewer to the moraine in the virtual landscape. The closer they get to the moraine the higher the frequency of the waves. This is intended to metaphorically simulate the confusion and turmoil of a traumatic event. The further away a person gets from the trauma, the more clarity regarding the past they will have.

Detail of the reflecting pool.

Viewer perspective from behind the desk.

The control for the interactive landscape consists of a carved piece of white marble, which can be slid from side to side.

This sequence illustrates the effect that the increasing frequency of the waves has on the projected image.

If you would like to preview a version of the interactive virtual environment on your computer click here

You will be asked to install a plugin in order to load the software. It is a small file and harmless to your system. It will run on PC's as well as Macs.