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Photo by Brennan Vance

I was born in North Alabama, which is where I spent my formative years. However, in my early twenties, a group of friends and I moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where we played, recorded, and obsessed over every facet of underground/indie rock music. Ten years after venturing to the frigid north I went back to school and finished my BFA in visual art at the University of Minnesota. In 2011 I completed my MFA in studio art at Florida State University. Currently, I reside and make art in Minneapolis, MN.


Technology has saturated our lives and, while it is a welcome addition to most, the subtlety of this gradually accelerated invasion has created a dependency which has gone virtually unnoticed. Ease of use and the infusion of intuitive user interfaces has increasingly integrated electronics into our daily routines. Much of my work serves to highlight this phenomenon and to call attention to the sometimes overlooked proliferation of digital media into our lives.

From a material standpoint, I choose media as a means to an end, as well as for its individual conceptual components. I utilize non-conventional materials, such as micro-controllers, video game engines, found objects, ice, modified electronics, custom built circuits, GPS, fiber glass, and plastics, as well as more traditional media, such as oil paint, graphite, charcoal, marble, steel, aluminum, and ink, to name a few.

I am interested in visual and conceptual contrasts and, as a whole, I work to integrate disparate entities. Although incongruent when directly compared, all of these subjects form informational filaments that reach out to each other, support, and intertwine in order to create a hybrid view point. Memory, for example, does not simply signify the past but now represents how we access the past through neurological retrieval, changing views, the visual representation of memory, temporal distortions, linearity, and metaphor. This view does not remain static but retains a fluidity that allows it to shift and bend like so many ripples in a pond. Pairing this theme with diverse media, such as interactive sculpture and digital simulations, allows me to comment directly on a subject as well as the array of information held within it.